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The idea for this Estate Workbook occurred to me starting about 10 years ago. As a mother, daughter, wife, student, business owner and legal advisor there has always been the need to keep my information, and other people’s information organized. In my legal practice I do Estate Planning, Wills, Powers of Attorneys, Health Proxies, and Advanced Health Directives. As a trusted person, I am frequently appointed to act as a Power of Attorney or Estate Executor. With these roles in mind, I acquired a unique perspective and understanding of the spectrum of information in a person’s life.

Every day, people come to me as a professional legal service provider to help as they untangle the information in a loved one’s life after health incapacity or death. When there is no (or limited) information, I see how family members become frustrated, and experience additional grief — there are also inefficiencies, time delays, and possible financial abuse or further debt. As a Notary Public, I realized I could provide a valuable tool that not only I could use in my legal practice, but my clients and others could use to organize their life.

Somewhere along the way our lives got more complicated with the ever evolving digital and online world. No longer do many of us receive the simple bank statements or credit card bills in the monthly mail. Like many people, I have limped along with different online apps or tools and excel spreadsheets but nowhere was there one ‘go to’ place that represented everything I frequently needed both for myself and for other people. EstateWorkbook.ca is truly a ‘Life Organizing Guide’ to keep yours, or someone else’s, life from running out of control.

This Estate Workbook is designed to be done from these various perspectives:

  1. Stepping into my own life or some else stepping into my life in the event of a serious health event or death.
  2. Stepping into a spouse’s or parent’s life as they age or experience serious health events.
  3. Stepping into a loved one’s life upon death.

Thank you for allowing me to play a role in organizing yours or a loved one’s life,