About The Book

Your Life’s Important Information, In One Place

Have you ever dropped your phone in the water and lost (what felt like) your whole world?  Have you had to step into a parent or someone else’s life to manage after a sudden health or life event?  What about when someone dies?  Appointed as attorney or Executor? Where do you get started?

The Estate Workbook is a practical guide developed through Beverly Carter’s many life experiences as a wife, mother, daughter, student, business owner, and legal professional. The workbook is straightforward to work through with flexible sections to account for the variety of roles and situations in your own life.

We have created the workbook so you or someone else can step in and manage a person’s life in case of an emergency, health event, or death. In these situations, it is exceptionally difficult to operate with a lack of information, and it adds an extra burden to you and your loved ones.

None of us know when we will need this information, but life throws curveballs our way that we don’t expect. That’s why it’s critically important to be organized and prepared for the unexpected. Whether you lost your phone, forgot a password, are going through a divorce, health event, or death, you know that you have the planning and preparation in place to get back on track quickly and efficiently.

This workbook is designed to be done from 3 different perspectives:

  1. Stepping into your own life or someone else stepping into your life in the event of a serious health event or death.
  2. Stepping into a spouse’s or parent’s life as they age or experience serious health events.
  3. Stepping into a loved one’s life upon death.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to info@estateworkbook.ca if you have any questions about the workbook. Visit our store page now to order your hard copy today!